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  • Are you the owner or leaseholder and start a production business?
  • Are you an experienced production owner?
  • Are you a management company?


we learned and gained experience for you…

  • 60% of projects led to continuous cooperation with customers
  • international consulting company Penlon Consultancy is our permanent partner
  • experienced consultant is always in touch with us

We offer

Concept and business planning of the production business

Concept and business planning of the production business

  • market analysis, situation study, concept and business plan
  • production equipment
  • production preparation for commissioning
  • development of operational standards
  • services work assessment
  • staff recruitment and training
Design of production facilities at all stages

Design of production facilities at all stages

  • concept design stage development
  • project documentation development and approval support
  • detailed design development
  • construction authorial supervision
Technical customer service

Technical customer service

  • collection set of initial permit documentation
  • design and approval support
  • obtain construction permit
  • construction integrated control
  • completed project commissioning

Trends of design

Each production project is unique and works in certain market conditions. Designer and consultant can not be involved in the project at the late stage. Take advantage of our solution —

Three most important things for an affordable price:

  • we analyze the situation and consider tendencies of construction technologies
  • we generate the concept and develop a business plan
  • we undertake the organization of the whole project

Get an integrated approach:

  • ability to benefit from the professionals experience
  • ability to use our knowledge of the market of materials and equipment
  • ability to plan and manage construction

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Completed projects

  • Industrial warehouse facility

    Design time minimization and costs monitoring.

    Execution of architectural and engineering sections simultaneously. First drawings were ready in two weeks.
    Customer received cost options when making engineering decisions. Customer spent money efficiently and didn't go beyond the budget.

  • Production metalworking shop building

    Minimization of construction cost.

    Design using BIM-technologies. Multivariance of used technologies, equipment and materials. Choosing the most economical solution at each stage.
    Result - extremely low cost in compliance with building codes.

  • Experimental production of airships

    Minimization of design time and construction cost.

    Joint use of BIM by the customer and designer. Design without decision-making pauses. The customer had the actual and full cost of the facility. The customer remained within the available budget.

Cost calculator

Pre-estimate cost of design works

  • Industrial facilities
  • Residential & commercial property
  • Infrastructure lines
  • Machine-building & metal fabrication industries
  • Food manufacturing industry
  • Consumer industry
  • Fuel industry
  • Metallurgy industry
  • Chemical & petrochemical industry
  • Timber industry
  • Agricultural & forestry industry
  • Residential
  • Public & commercial
  • Education
  • Public health & social services
  • Sports
  • Cultural
  • Municipal
  • Railways
  • Auto roads
  • Bridges & viaducts
  • Tunnels & metropolitan
  • External communication networks
  • External power networkы
  • External heat supply networks
  • External water supply & sewer networks
  • External gas transmission networks
  • Street & area lighting
  • New construction
  • Rebuilding & major repairs
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